Data and statistics have long been used to aid decision making. This is not a risk free process. Risks can be reduced through open and transparent communication about what was done and why. ilustat will work with you in building trustworthiness around your statistical and data needs through our consultancy services.

Statistical Consultancy

ilustat will work with you to get answers to your questions about your data that you can in your decision making process. ilustat offers the experience and practice needed for:

  • Planning and designing data collection
  • Statistical analysis and modelling
  • Statistical simulations
  • Data and text mining
  • Documentation of analysis plans and final reports
  • Efficient and Clear communication of statistics
  • R Shiny web apps

We also offer dedicated remote team members for your projects and statistical training.

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Statisticial Programming

ilustat is open and transparent in its statistical programming. This approach ensures reproducible and quality assurance. Our statistical programming experience includes the R Language (Base R, R Tidyverse), SAS, WinBUGS and STATA. The following are some examples of programming tasks:

  • Data manipulation and processing (R Language and SAS)
  • Statistical modelling (R Language and SAS)
    • Generalised linear models, Mixed Models, survival analysis, …
  • Clinical trials simulations (R Language and SAS)
  • Analysing messy data from the web and Microsoft word documents
  • Reporting in HTML, PDF and Word formats (R Markdown and SAS ODS)
  • Web applications (R Shiny)

We can also offer dedicated remote team members for your projects and R programming workshops and courses.

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