Presentation Skills for Data Scientists

Course Summary

This three day course aims to develop the participants’ presentation skills by focusing on vocal skills, physical presentation and confidence building techniques. The later part of the course develops effective methods to present tables, data visualisations, results and methodology. This course is informal with extensive interaction among the participants and instructor.

Target audience

  • Data scientists
  • Statisticians
  • Any one who has to present data summaries, analysis and visualisations.

Course Outline

The following topics will be covered:

  • Identifying bad presentations
  • Speaking effectively
    • Voice skills
    • Right words
    • Silences and pauses
  • Body language
  • Controlling nerves
  • Preparation and planning
  • Presenting with visual aids
  • Managing your audience
  • Presenting results and tables
  • Designing effective graphs
  • Presenting algebra

Learning Outcomes

  • Raised profile through your presentations.
  • Confidence to prepare and give great presentations.
  • Delivering presentations with passion and motivation.
  • Ability to keep calm by managing your nerves.

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