R Tidyverse

R is a free statistical software package that has grown in popularity over the years. It was primarily used by statisticians and enthusiasts as the entry level was high. The tidyverse approach has made R accessible to a wider audience interested in processing, analysing and communicating their own data.

Course Summary

This two day course will give an overview of tidyverse thinking and programming. Participants will learn how to import, tidy and transform data to produce elegant graphs and summary statistics. By design the tidyverse encourages writing accessible and reproducible programs which improve quality and workflows.

Target audience

  • Anyone who works with data, that does some data processing and produces graphs and/or summary statistics (e.g. using Excel spreadsheets).
  • Participants wanting to understand the thinking behind the R tidyverse and how to program it.
  • Anyone who is familiar with Base R but would like to learn about the R Tidyverse.

Course Outline

The following topics will be covered:

  • Data Visualisation
    • Creating elegant data visualisations (i.e. graphs) using the grammar of graphics using the ggplot2 package.
  • Tidy Data
    • Going from messy to tidy data.
  • Transforming Data
    • Performing row (observations) and column (variables) operations.
    • Working with strings and dates variables.
    • Joining and merging data sets.
  • Importing Data
    • Importing data from text files, Excel, HTML web sites and from other statistical software packages.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding of tidy data thinking.
  • The ability to read data into R, tidy and transform the data to produce summary graphs and statistics.
  • The basis and confidence to use R immediately after the course.

What participants have said…

“Great pace, very clear communication. Enjoyed the teaching style.”

“A great balance between theory and practicals. The course was conducted in a way that people with different levels of R knowledge can follow.”

“Well organised course materials and exercises.”

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