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Great Presentations Raise Your Profile

Saghir Bashir

Whenever I’m invited to present, my nerves immediately take over until the actual presentation is finished. They peak when I’m being introduced and during the first few minutes of the presentation. What? Me? Now? All those people LOOKING AT ME! OK, don’t trip, don’t mess up the opening, I got it wrong, but I’m still going, …

People often tell me that “you don’t look nervous”. Yes, that’s true, as I try very hard to hide it, but people who know me can spot my ticks. Just watch some of my presentations online and see if you can spot them too1 2 3.

The best part of my presentations are the nerves. My adrenaline. The fear and excitement of wanting to give a motivating and engaging presentation. Appreciating that people give up their most valuable asset, time, to be there. I want them to feel that my presentation was worth their time. Something so captivating that all the eyes follow my every move. Only that gives me a sense of satisfaction and the thought that I gave it my best.

By making friends with your nerves and preparing well, you too can give great and rewarding presentations. I’ve written the following one page guidance to help you do just that:

Presentation Guidelines - English Version

Use it to raise your profile and engage the eyes to follow you.