ilustat’s courses and workshops are all about the participants. We want them to enjoy our courses and leave with knowledge and skills that they can use immediately. Our style is to actively engage participants by using real life examples related their day to day work.


We currently offer the following courses:

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What participants have said…

R Tidyverse Course

“Great pace, very clear communication. Enjoyed the teaching style.”

“A great balance between theory and practicals. The course was conducted in a way that people with different levels of R knowledge can follow.”

“Well organised course materials and exercises.”

Understanding Statistics in Clinical Trials

“It got me motivated to look at the statistical aspects of my studies and ask more questions. It is not just mathematics, it is much more than that. It was not boring :)”

“The course was very interactive, good mix of theory and practice. Very enjoyable speaker.”

”… was given in a relaxed, open way and not in a boring way with lots of definitions and mathematics but just in a way how a person without statistical background also can understand this …”